The Ultimate Guide to Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Whisky has links to Scotland in a way that no other product has to any other country in the world, and tens of thousands of tourists flock to the five main single malt regions every year to sample the legendary liquid.

Is The Loch Ness Monster Real? The Facts & The Mythology

No visit to Scotland can be considered complete with taking a journey to see Loch Ness, the world-famous body of water in the Scottish Highlands that captivates tourists with its tales of a mysterious sea-monster that has somehow evaded capture for hundreds of years.

Murders and Executions in Edinburgh

One of the things I love about travelling around Scotland is discovering all the grim and gruesome bits of history that the tourist guides don’t bother telling you about.

The History of Edinburgh. A Thousand-Year Story

Although the earliest known settlement in the city of Edinburgh is located at the famous Castle Rock – home of Edinburgh Castle – the remains of the very earliest human inhabitants were discovered in Cramond, dating back to around 8,500 BC.

Why is Edinburgh One of the Best Cities in the World?

The Scottish capital has been voted the public’s favourite city in several polls in the last couple of years, with readers of a wide range of media outlets putting it at the top of their lists.

Discover why The Telegraph newspaper recently voted Edinburgh the number 1 city in the UK.