The Complete Itinerary for the Speyside Whisky Trail

Last updated on September 28th, 2020

The Out About Scotland complete guide to the Speyside Whisky Trail Day Two

  1. Glenfiddich
  2. Glen Grant
  3. Strathisla

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Glenfiddich Distillery


About the Glenfiddich Distillery

The world-famous Glenfiddich brand is instantly recognisable by its stag logo, derived from the Scottish Gaelic phrase ‘Valley of the Deer’ and this logo adorns every bottle of the 13 million litres of spirit which they produce annually.

Glenfiddich has the accolade of officially being the worlds best-selling malt whisky, and the impressive distilling plant certainly lives up to its status as one of the worlds most enjoyed single malts.

Although Glenfiddich is today one of Scotland’s biggest whisky producers its humble beginnings were tiny in comparison.

Started in 1886 by William Grant, the distillery building was hand-built stone by stone by the Grant family over the course of a year, and the passion the family has for whisky is still evident as Glenfiddich is one of the few distilleries that is still entirely family owned.

The scale of the operation is what is most impressive about a visit to the site with 32 handmade copper pot stills producing the spirit that’s eventually sent to its own bottling plant within the complex.

In addition to the various tours that are available there’s an excellent restaurant on-site, a bar with drams costing from a few pounds up to a thousand, and a very good gift shop selling high-quality Scottish goods.

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Glen Grant Distillery

Glen Grant

About the Glen Grant Distillery

Glen Grant distillery is situated at the north end of the village of Rothes and is one of the smaller distilleries in our itinerary consisting of just 8 stills, several warehouses, and some lovely woodland gardens that can be enjoyed in a glen just behind the distillery plant.

The Glen Grant distillery was founded by brothers John and James Grant who saw the business opportunities that lay around Rothes in Speyside.

Originally producers of illegal whisky, the Grant brothers saw that the abundant barley crops from the Speyside fields allied to the clear Spey waters were perfect for producing whisky in abundance, and so in 1840 they applied for a legal licence to produce malt whisky.

After the brothers’ deaths, their nephew James ‘The Major’ Grant took over the family business where he devised the unusually tall and slender stills which create the distinctive Glen Grant taste that we can enjoy today.

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During his tenure the Major also brought back many plants from Africa during his service in the British army, and it was these specimens that established the previously mentioned woodland gardens at the rear of the distillery.

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Strathisla Distillery

About the Strathisla Distillery

Originally founded as the Milltown distillery in 1786, Strathisla has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating distillery in Scotland. Although it’s not the smallest whisky operation it definitely ranks towards the lower end of whisky production by volume, with only two stills in operation producing around two and a half million litres per year.

However, the small size of the operation is more than made up for by the quality of the product that Strahisla is famous for and the distillery is also regarded as being one of the most attractive in the Highlands. Just walking around the production areas you get a sense of the old-world charm that exudes from every exposed wooden beam in the low-slung ceilings.

Although Strathisla was purchased by the Chivas Brothers conglomerate in 1950 they still make single malts in addition to providing malts for the ever-popular Chivas Regal blend.

As with most distilleries in this itinerary there are various tours that you have the option to sign up for but the Strathisla Connoisseur Tour definitely needs to be experienced by every whisky lover.

Here you get to sample six limited-edition single malts along with a private tour of the plant with one of the Strathisla expert guides over the course of an afternoon. Definitely recommended!

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