Virtual Tours of Scotland: Attractions in 360°

Click the icons in the map below to see interactive 360° virtual tours of tourist attractions in Scotland. Below the map you will find 360° virtual tours categorised by region

To search the map for a virtual tour enter a location and zoom in.

Swipe to look around each scene and click the markers to be transported to the next scene.

To keep updated with the latest virtual tours of Scotland, follow the Out About Scotland page on Kuula.

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Virtual tours of Scotland

The Borders Virtual Tours

Scottish Borders 1440

Central Scotland Virtual Tours

perthshire forest 1440

Edinburgh Virtual Tours

edinburgh skyline 1440

Glasgow Virtual Tours

Glasgow Science Centre 1440

The Highlands Virtual Tours

Glencoe 1440

The Lothians Virtual Tours

bass rock

Strathclyde Virtual tours


The Hebrides Virtual Tours

v2osk lhZGjxOj9uw unsplash 1440 min

Inner Hebrides

Isle of Arran
Isle of Skye
Other islands

Outer Hebrides

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