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Last updated on January 19th, 2021

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Welcome to Out About Scotland. I’m Craig, I live in Edinburgh and I love exploring Scotland’s attractions. In this website I’ll show you the best places to visit and give you lots of tips and ideas for making the most of your time in our beautiful country. Follow my adventures on PinterestFacebook, and YouTube or contact me here.

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Everything You Need To Know About Scotland

Scotland Articles

  • 10 Easy and Delicious Recipes That Use Scotch Whisky
    What do you think of when someone mentions Scottish food? Cardiac-arresting mars bars dipped in batter? Diabetes-inducing squares of tablet fuelling hyperactive children? Or do you think of dollops of stovies splatted on a plate, steaming away and looking pretty much inedible?
  • 12 Best Castles to Visit in Scotland – Ultimate Guide + Videos
    What do you think of when you picture Scotland? Majestic mountains? Scenic lochs? Windswept islands? Those are certainly some of the highlights of a holiday in this amazing country, but another attraction that consistently draws visitors back year after year are the castles.
  • 12 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit Edinburgh
    Edinburgh. City of cobbled streets, winding alleyways and gothic architecture. This is the second most popular city in Britain after London so you might need a bit of help to plan your visit – which is exactly where this article comes in.
  • A Guide to the Absolute BEST Places to Visit in Glasgow
    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Glasgow? The River Clyde perhaps, or maybe shipbuilding, Billy Connolly and summer festivals.

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Attraction Guides

  • The Complete Guide to Visiting Real Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh
    The Real Mary King’s Close is a tourist attraction located in the middle of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. The attraction allows visitors to step beneath the streets of Edinburgh into an underground labyrinth where the stories of the city’s past residents unfold through a series of exhibits and displays.
  • The Complete Guide to Visiting Brodick, Isle of Arran
    Brodick is the main village on the Isle of Arran, located on the west coast of Scotland. Brodick lies halfway along the eastern side of the island where it overlooks Brodick Bay and Goatfell mountain. It is the arrival point for most visitors due to the ferry port but is popular in its own right thanks to its beaches, surrounding forests, castle and quality restaurants.
  • The Complete Guide to Arran Forest Walks
    The forests of Arran offer some of the best mountain biking routes of any of the west-coast islands and any cycle ride is almost guaranteed to include sightings of Arran’s famed red squirrels. The most popular wooded areas are; Brodick Castle, Dyemill, Glenrickard, King’s Cave, North Sannox and South End.
  • The Complete Guide to The Arran Coastal Way
    The Arran Coastal Way is a circular cycling and walking route around the perimeter of the Isle of Arran on Scotland’s west coast. This easy-going trail rewards visitors with stunning views at every section of its 65-mile length and there are plenty of opportunities to deviate onto nearby attractions along the way.

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