Hello, and welcome to Out About Scotland, your guide to the best places to visit in Scotland!

This site has been created with one purpose in mind – to help you find the very best Scottish attractions. My mission is to provide you with all the information you need to find places to visit in Scotland and give you lots of ideas for amazing experiences to enjoy while you’re here.

Pentland Hills, The Lothians

I’m Craig, an Englishman who somehow found himself living in Scotland, and I’ve spent most of the last ten years exploring this amazing country.

I started outaboutscotland.com after becoming fed up with trying to find the best places to visit but then becoming confused by the huge amount of information on the internet.

I found that a web search for Scottish attractions brings up a dozen or more search results, and choosing one to visit means you have to trawl through each website to discover the location, entrance costs and details on what it’s all about.

While there are a few sites out there that try to give you some of this information they’re generally badly designed, with tourist attractions added almost as an afterthought, so I figured I could do better myself.

Due to the fact that I’ve travelled so much around Scotland I’ve got the experience and knowledge to share the very best places to visit with you, and I promise that I’ve personally visited each featured Scottish attraction so my reviews are genuine. And unlike some of the large corporate travel sites I can also show you all the little hidden-away gems that are off the standard tourist trails.

On the front page you’ll find tourist attractions in Scotland listed by region and category, and an interactive map will help you see where each attraction is located. There are also handy links to a route planner, weather information, travel tips and advice, itineraries and walking maps, and there’s even a calendar of Scottish events that are held throughout the year.

And to give you the best glimpse into what each attraction is like before you make the journey you’ll find a 360° virtual tour as well as a YouTube video on most attraction feature pages.

If you have any suggestions for the website then please contact me via the contact form and I’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible. I hope you have as much fun looking through the site as I’ve had making it 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and happy exploring!


Steall Falls, Glen Nevis
Steall Falls, Glen Nevis
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