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A Guide to Scotland’s Winter Weather

While Scotland enjoys good weather in the summer months, the winter months are a completely different beast. Between November and February, the temperature rarely rises above 6 °C and the amount of daylight drops to a rather miserable 6-7 hours per day.

Discover how to make the most of your time in Scotland in winter, as well as how to prepare for freezing conditions, how to drive in snow, and what to wear, in this complete travel guide.

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How Much Should You Tip in Scotland?

While having an understanding of every single one of Scotland’s customs isn’t necessary for visitors, the practice of giving gratuities (AKA tipping) is something that’s practically universal and is just as relevant in Scotland as it is in any other country – with a few exceptions.

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of giving tips in Scotland, when you should or shouldn’t give a little extra, and where it’s usually customary to do so.

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How to Save Money on Train Tickets in Scotland

On average it costs a whopping £90 for an individual return train ticket from Edinburgh to Inverness and £75 to travel from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, which can put a serious dent in the holiday budgets of travelling families.

So is there anything you can do to save a few pounds on those pesky tickets?

The answer is, yes there is, thanks to the tips and tricks listed in this article along with a number of online resources that will automatically find the best deals for you.

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How to Prevent Tick Bites in Scotland

Ticks are common parasites in Scotland and their bite is usually harmless, but care must be taken as some are infected with Lyme disease which can show symptoms for weeks, and occasionally even years after.

Lyme disease causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, severe headaches, nerve pain and dizziness, so it’s important to know what to do if you find a tick attached to your body.

Discover tick removal tips as well as ways to prevent getting bitten in this complete guide to tick bites and Lyme disease in Scotland.

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A Guide to Giant Hogweed in Scotland

Giant hogweed is an unmistakable plant that grows across much of Scotland but is primarily found in the south of the country.

Although giant hogweed has attractive white flowers, the sap produced by the stems is extremely poisonous and can cause blisters when contact is made with bare skin.

Discover everything you need to know about this intrusive toxic plant with this complete guide to giant hogweed in Scotland.

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A Guide to The Best Clothes to Wear When Visiting Scotland

Scotland is a great place to take a break thanks to its historic attractions, breathtaking landscapes and cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

However, it’s essential to make sure you have the right gear with you in order to make the most of a visit to this amazing country.

In this article you will find a list of essentials that every traveller should take with them to Scotland, from choosing the best footwear to midge repellents that actually work.

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Can You Use English Pounds in Scotland?

Touring the United Kingdom for the first time can be a bewildering experience, as not only do visitors travel between different countries, they also have to use an unfamiliar currency.

Trying to work out exchange rates is confusing enough, and four countries means four different currencies, doesn’t it?

Discover the answer to that question and everything else you need to know about using money in Scotland in this helpful guide.

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Scotland?

One question that’s frequently asked by visitors to Scotland is, is bathroom tap water safe to drink?

Most visitors will find themselves staying in a hotel where the only source of water is the bathroom tap, but many people are unaware of Scotland’s water regulations.

Discover the answer to this question along with lots of facts about drinking water in Scotland with this information-packed resource.

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