How to save money on train tickets in Scotland

On average it costs a whopping £90 for an individual return train ticket from Edinburgh to Inverness and £75 to travel from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, which can put a serious dent in the holiday budgets of travelling families.

So is there anything you can do to save a few pounds on those pesky tickets?

The answer is, yes there is, thanks to the tips and tricks listed in this article along with a number of online resources that will automatically find the best deals for you.

Cheap Days Out in Scotland for Families

Scotland can be an expensive place to visit, with attractions like Edinburgh Castle costing more than £50 for a small family to enter – and that’s without adding on the extra costs of meals and gifts.

The best way to save money is to spend as little as possible on tickets, and that’s exactly where this article comes in.

In it, you’ll find a selection of top-rated Scottish attractions that are either completely free to enter or cost no more than a couple of pounds per ticket.

How to Avoid Tick Bites and Lyme Disease in Scotland

Ticks are common parasites in Scotland and their bite is usually harmless, but care must be taken as some are infected with Lyme disease which can show symptoms for weeks, and occasionally even years after.

Lyme disease causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, severe headaches, nerve pain and dizziness, so it’s important to know what to do if you find a tick attached to your body.

Discover tick removal tips as well as ways to prevent getting bitten in this complete guide to tick bites and Lyme disease in Scotland.

Giant Hogweed in Scotland – Identifying, Burns & Treatments

Giant hogweed is an unmistakable plant that grows across much of Scotland but is primarily found in the south of the country.

Although giant hogweed has attractive white flowers, the sap produced by the stems is extremely poisonous and can cause blisters when contact is made with bare skin.

Discover everything you need to know about this intrusive toxic plant with this complete guide to giant hogweed in Scotland.

Essential Packing List for a Visit to Scotland

Scotland is a great place to take a break thanks to its historic attractions, breathtaking landscapes and cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

However, it’s essential to make sure you have the right gear with you in order to make the most of a visit to this amazing country.

In this article you will find a list of essentials that every traveller should take with them to Scotland, from choosing the best footwear to midge repellents that actually work.

The Best Hiking Shorts to Wear in Scotland

One item of clothing that’s a must-have for walking in Scotland is shorts, whether in the form of convertible trousers with zipped legs or cargo shorts with lots of pockets.

A decent pair of shorts will keep legs cool and will be more comfortable than even the lightest trousers, and the top brands will protect from UV while also being resilient to scuffs and abrasions.

Discover the best shorts to wear on a hike in Scotland with this comprehensive guide.

How to Make a Travel Video in Scotland

If you’re planning on filming your travels in Scotland you’ll want to ensure your videos are as awesome as possible so they make a lasting impression on your friends and family.

In this article, you will discover a collection of must-know editing tips that will help you create stunning videos while on the road, along with advice for setting up your camera and suggestions for the best video travel gear.

5 Best Walking Socks to Wear in Scotland

Choosing the right walking socks can make or break a visit to Scotland. If they’re too thin they’ll wear through quickly and cause blisters, and if they’re too thick they’ll make your feet sweaty and cause an unpleasant skin rash.

In this article, discover a collection of highly-rated walking socks – each of which has been designed to keep feet as dry and blister-free as possible.

5 Best Knee Supports for Walking in Scotland

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments for long-distance hikers and leisure walkers, and here in the UK 1 in 5 adults suffer with it, with that number increasing to 1 in 4 in the US.

Thankfully, there are a number of over-the-counter products that can help to protect our knees from the stresses of walking, including the main topic of this article – knee supports.

Why Does Scotland Have Two Flags?

There are two versions of the Scottish flag, as well as the flag of the United Kingdom. So which one is the nation’s actual flag?

The answer is that the Saltire – a diagonal white cross on a blue background – is the official flag of Scotland which is used to represent the country at all events and gatherings.

Learn why we have these different flags along with a few facts that might surprise you in this complete guide to the flags of Scotland.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scotland – Ultimate Guide

Visit Scotland, along with Historic Environment Scotland, Nature Scot, the Scottish Government and other organizations, have teamed up with UNESCO to create the first-ever digital UNESCO Trail, making Scotland the first country to bring all of its UNESCO sites together online.

Find out why UNESCO sites are so important and which places in Scotland have been awarded a designation in this article.

Are There Wolves in Scotland?

Wolves have been the subject of human persecution for thousands of years, even though they help to keep populations of grazing animals under control.

This intelligent and sociable animal is famous for its ability to thrive in the most difficult habitats, helped no end by the fact that it’s an incredibly successful pack hunter.

Find out if wolves live in Scotland – as well as other predators – in this article.