The 12 Best Beaches in Scotland: Ultimate Guide

With over 11,600 miles of stunning coastline, Scotland is home to an incredible array of sandy shores and hidden coves that are all waiting to be discovered by visiting tourists.

Whether you have an interest in famous beaches like Luskentyre on Harris or less-known stretches of sand like Traigh Mhor on Barra, Scotland offers the perfect escape for sunbathing as well as swimming in turquoise waters.

Discover Scotland’s top beaches in this ultimate guide.

The National Animal of Scotland: The Unicorn Explained

Scotland has a long and fascinating history, and the unicorn, the country’s national animal, is one of its most cherished symbols. But why did the Scots choose a mythical creature as their national animal, and what is the unicorn’s role in Scottish folklore and mythology?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of the unicorn in Scotland and how it fits into the culture and identity of the country in the past as well as the present day.

Tipping in Scotland – The Ultimate Guide

While having an understanding of every single one of Scotland’s customs isn’t necessary for visitors, the practice of giving gratuities (AKA tipping) is something that’s practically universal and is just as relevant in Scotland as it is in any other country – with a few exceptions.

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of giving tips in Scotland, when you should or shouldn’t give a little extra, and where it’s usually customary to do so.

Pine Martens in Scotland: Discover Where and How to See Them

It’s possible that you have never seen a pine marten unless you’ve grown up in the deepest, darkest corners of Scotland’s forests. These little animals are indigenous to Scotland and although they’re difficult to see, they are essential to the well-being of the country’s woods and woodlands.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at pine martens in Scotland including their physical characteristics, behaviour, and habitats. We’ll also delve into the challenges they face and the efforts being made to protect and conserve these fascinating animals.

The Best Castles to Visit in South Scotland: Ultimate Guide

Scotland is home to some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring castles in the world.

With nearly 1,500 towering turrets and sprawling curtain-walled fortresses to see during a sightseeing tour, Scotland’s castles offer visitors a unique glimpse into the country’s past.

From world-renowned castles such as Stirling and Edinburgh to lesser-known gems like Dirleton and Tantallon, here are the best castles to visit in South Scotland.

10 Best Places to Photograph in Scotland

Scotland is a true paradise for photographers. From its rugged, untamed landscapes to its charming villages and historic towns, this country is brimming with opportunities to capture Instagram-worthy shots that demand to be shared with friends and family.

In this article you will discover a collection of top places to take photos in Scotland, all of which are guaranteed to elevate your images to the next level.

Wild Animals in Scotland: Ultimate Guide

Scotland is rightly proud of its wildlife and thanks to the fact that vast swathes of the country are uninhabited many endangered animals are able to thrive, including the ever-popular red squirrel and the near-extinct sea eagle.

In this article, you’ll find details of some of the animals that you should keep an eye open for during a visit to Scotland, from red deer to dolphins and buzzards to basking sharks.

How to Save Money on Train Tickets in Scotland

On average it costs a whopping £90 for an individual return train ticket from Edinburgh to Inverness and £75 to travel from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, which can put a serious dent in the holiday budgets of travelling families.

So is there anything you can do to save a few pounds on those pesky tickets?

The answer is, yes there is, thanks to the tips and tricks listed in this article along with a number of online resources that will automatically find the best deals for you.