The Complete Guide to Visiting the Solway Firth in South West Scotland

Solway Firth

The Solway Firth is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, yet it’s often overlooked by visitors to the country. Stretching out across both England and Scotland the Solway Firth borders the stunning coastlines of Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway and reaches out into the Irish Sea to almost touch the Isle of Man.

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The Complete Guide to Visiting Caerlaverock Castle in South West Scotland

Caerlaverock Castle

Famous for its unusual triangular shape, the castle is surrounded by one of the few remaining moats in Scotland and the imposing fortified walls are a reminder of the siege years that troubled this part of the country during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

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The Complete Guide to Visiting Gretna Green Blacksmiths Shop in South West Scotland

Gretna Green

If you’re in any way romantically inclined you should probably take a visit to the famous Gretna Green Blacksmiths Shop on the Scottish border near the Solway Firth (which you can read about in my Complete Guide to the Solway Firth).

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