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This page is your ultimate Edinburgh tour guide, loaded with a collection of essential tools and resources that every tourist should have at their fingertips.

These tools will make your trip to Edinburgh seamless, enjoyable, and unforgettable, whether you need directions to tourist attractions, want to plan a sightseeing itinerary, are curious about the weather, or something else.

  • For each tool, select the options and click submit.
  • The results can take up to one minute to process; please be patient!
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Directions Map

  • Enter your start and end points to see directions and a route map.
  • The map shows the current road traffic conditions, from green (light traffic) to red (congestion).
  • Optional: select your mode of transport, add waypoints, or avoid motorways.
  • Type Edinburgh in the box below to zoom into the city.
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Enter a location and your interests to see the five nearest recommended attractions.

Edinburgh Sightseeing Itinerary

Enter your interests to create a customized sightseeing itinerary for a day in Edinburgh.

Day Trips From Edinburgh

Enter the distance you’re travelling from the city centre along with the types of attractions you’d like to see.

Festivals & Events

Enter the month to see the festivals and events being hosted in Edinburgh.

The Weather

Enter the month to see the average weather conditions in Edinburgh.

Daylight Hours

Enter the month to see when it gets light and dark in Edinburgh.

Tours in Edinburgh

Discover a collection of the best tours and activities in Edinburgh. Click to see more details and make a booking.

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