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  • Crichton Castle

    Crichton Castle

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    Crichton Castle – situated in the rolling countryside of Midlothian – was built in the 1300s for the once-powerful Crichton family. The majority of the structure is roofless and in ruin, but visitors are welcome to explore it on a self-guided tour thanks to the restoration work undertaken by Historic Environment Scotland.

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  • Dalkeith Country Park

    Dalkeith Country Park

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    Dalkeith Country Park is located near Edinburgh in Midlothian. The historic estate features large grounds that include woodland and farmland where visitors can walk for several miles on rough tracks and tarmacked roads. Restoration Yard is a visitor centre that includes a children’s adventure park, gift shops and a restaurant. Entrance to Dalkeith Country Park is free but there is an admission fee for the play park and the car park.

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  • Flotterstone


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    The Pentland Hills national park covers 35 square miles and is located southwest of Edinburgh. The parkland is clearly visible across the city and it’s a favourite place for locals to enjoy long hillside walks. Discover the Pentland Hills from picturesque Flotterstone in this complete guide which includes an overview and 360° photos.

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  • Midlothian Snowsports Centre

    Midlothian Snowsports Centre

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    The Midlothian Snowsports Centre is located in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh where it offers a variety of fun experiences from skiing and snowboarding to the exhilarating tubing runs that are a firm favourite with children and adults alike. Discover what it’s like to hurtle down the slopes on one of these giant tubes in this complete visitor guide.

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  • Rosslyn Chapel

    Rosslyn Chapel

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    Rosslyn Chapel (as featured in The Davinci Code) is one of the most beautiful examples of religious architecture in Scotland. The chapel dates back to 1446 and features a complex arrangement of mysterious stone carvings that are believed to have links to the Knights Templar. Discover Rosslyn Chapel with this article which contains a detailed overview and lots of useful visitor information.

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