Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail


About an hour, depending on fitness level. Bear in mind that you will likely stop several times to view the murals, so plan for longer.



Easy. The trail runs through the city centre and is accessible by well-maintained modern roads and footpaths.


About Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail

Glasgow has a fantastic array of street murals that have been created by local artists under the direction of the city council. The murals showcase a diverse range of talent and styles and are now recognised for their interpretations of the heritage and culture of the city. The various artworks have been designed to transform otherwise less attractive corners of Glasgow into striking public artworks, and a walk between each mural allows visitors to see parts of the city centre that they probably wouldn’t otherwise find. The walk shown here visits many of the most impressive murals in the city centre, and the entire route is easily accessible on foot. Note that the artworks are designed to reflect the developing city, so as many of the buildings are upgraded some of these murals will either be altered or lost forever, therefore re-walking the route a year or so later might show some interesting changes.



Starting at the Hip-Hop Marionettes mural on George Street, follow the road east towards Strathclyde University for the next mural. Then double back and head south down Albion Street, and turn south onto Candleriggs for the Badminton mural, just off the junction of Wilson Street. Head back to Candleriggs and continue south where you will find the Spaceman mural off the junction of Trongate.
Heading back to Candleriggs, follow King Street south towards the River Clyde, where you will find the Clutha mural on Bridgegate. A walk west along the river bank will take you to the Tiger mural, where you can then head north up Dixon Street until you reach Argyle Street for the last two artworks. Either head east to the Argyll street Cafe mural, or head north up Mitchell street to the taxi mural, which is the last one on the trail.


Note: This map is interactive, so scroll around and zoom in and out as much as you like.

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