Pollok Country Park Visitor Guide

Pollok Country Park is one of the largest public parks in Scotland. This award-winning green space is located two miles south of Glasgow city centre and is easily accessible by car, train and bus.

The park was named Britain’s best in 2007 and was named best in Europe in 2008. Highlights include Pollok House with its beautiful landscaped gardens and The Burrell Collection which is home to over 9,000 antiquities and artworks.

The Burrell Collection Visitor Guide

The Burrell Collection – located in Pollok Country Park – is one of Glasgow’s largest free museums.

The collection of artworks was donated to the city by Sir William Burrell in 1944 and is now cared for by a charity.

There are more than 9,000 objects in The Burrell Collection including tapestries, paintings, sculptures, weaponry, stained glass and pottery from major artists including Rodin, Degas, and Cezanne.

Glasgow Green Visitor Guide

Glasgow is well known for the number of inner-city green spaces it has compared to other British cities and in fact it’s second only to Edinburgh for its parks, gardens and other outdoor areas that allow its residents to enjoy the great outdoors.

Hunterian Museum Visitor Guide

When you hear the words ‘Museum’ and ‘Glasgow’ I bet the first place that pops into your head is the fantastic Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Kelvingrove Park (click the links to read my guides to both attractions).

Kelvingrove Park Visitor Guide

I’m going to start this guide with a confession. The first time I visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum I left without visiting the park. Not because I didn’t have time but because I didn’t even know it was there.

University of Glasgow Visitor Guide

If you’re thinking about heading to Glasgow to explore it’s tourist attractions I wouldn’t blame you if the last place you’ve got on your to-do list is the University of Glasgow. After all, who wants to walk around a boring university surrounded by a load of dusty old books and smelly students?

George Square Visitor Guide

If you ever visit Glasgow by train the end of your line will more than likely be Queen Street station in the centre of the city. From there most people will either catch a bus to one of Glasgow’s many tourist attractions or walk around the city square on their way to the shops, totally bypassing one of the most important historic sites in the city.

Riverside Museum Visitor Guide

One of the things I really love about Glasgow is the fact that it’s so chock-full of fantastic tourist attractions, many of which are completely free to visit. And one free attraction that stands head and shoulders above most others is the Riverside Museum at Pointhouse Place on the mighty River Clyde.