Causeymire Wind Farm Walk


This 5-mile trek will take most walkers around 2 hours to complete.



Easy. This is a fairly flat route across open land on good quality vehicle tracks. There should be no access problems even in winter.

Scottish Wind Farm

About the Causeymire Wind Farm Walk

The wide open expanses of land around Thurso are just begging to be walked, and the well-maintained trail around Causeymire Wind Farm is perfect for a gentle stroll that can be easily accessed no matter the weather.

Although you may well think a wind farm is an unusual place to take a walk, you might be surprised to see some really quite beautiful views across Dale Moss and out towards Morven as you make your way around the route. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take a good long look at the future of British energy production, with the 21 turbines in the wind farm rising an impressive 60 metres into the sky.



The site is easy to locate as the turbines can be seen for a good distance away on the A9, and access is simple as the start of the walk sits directly off the main A9 road. There is a gated area at the start of the walk with parking spaces either side of the main access gate, and a map of the route has been helpfully installed here by the wind farm operators.

Wind Farm in Scotland

You can’t really get lost on this route, and as it’s circular you have the option of following it in either direction. The construction of the paths is robust gravel which will prevent most cases of muddy boots while the surrounding landscape is mainly flat and even grassland.

The lovely River Thurso runs a short distance away to the west although you should stick to the designated pathways for this walk, and heading back to the A9 offers plenty of other walking opportunities in the area.


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