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Crieff Hydro

About Crieff Hydro

What’s this attraction all about?

Crieff Hydro is a popular resort in the Perthshire countryside which offers a range of health-based activities as well as large grounds for walking and relaxation. The hotel boasts over 200 bedrooms and over 50 self-catering properties, as well as restaurants, cafes and bars. There are also riding stables, a comprehensive health and fitness club, adults-only swimming pool as well as a pool for families, a golf course, football pitch and various racquet courts.



The history of the attraction

The hotel originally opened in 1868 as the Crieff Hydropathic establishment by Dr Thomas Henry Meikle, a medical graduate from Edinburgh University. Originally built for £30,000, the building developed through a series of upgrades to the grand category B building that we see today, and its location is one of the finest in Scotland due to Dr Meikle believing that mountain scenery is integral to a patients wellbeing.

The treatments in the early days were strict and ran alongside a decidedly religious regime, so there was no alcohol available and smoking was decidedly frowned upon. There was even a fine levied on those patients who forgot to say grace before eating meals! Today Crieff Hydro is a family resort and is very popular in Scotland as a luxury break away from the noise and excess of modern cities.


What can you do there?

Booking a room at the hotel enables you to enjoy all of these leisure activities, as well as the extensive grounds which surround the hotel and provide glorious views of the beautiful Perthshire countryside. Walking trails run all the way through the hotel boundaries, and there are extensive woodland walks that are perfect for a couple of hours of fresh air after a day or two of pampering inside the hotel.

If you don’t want to book overnight accommodation you can go along for the day simply to take part in the indoor and outdoor activities on offer, as well enjoying the fine foods available in the restaurant.


What I liked about this attraction

  • The walks around the grounds are really nice
  • The leisure centre is top-notch
  • And so is the restaurant

What I didn’t like about this attraction

  • Rooms are a bit pricey if you’re intending to stay overnight (in my opinion)

Getting there

Follow the A85 towards Crieff. The Crieff Hydro is clearly signed from the town.

Crieff Hydro,
Strathearn House,
Ferntower Road,

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Contact details

Prices and opening times

The hotel and restaurant are open every day of the year. Contact Crieff Hydro on the number above to book a room.




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