Jupiter Artland is a modern art sculpture garden and art gallery situated on the grounds of Bonnington House in West Lothian, around 10 miles west of Edinburgh city centre. The outdoor art installation features unique works by Charles Jencks and other top British artists and is regarded as one of the finest privately owned modern art collections in Britain.

Jupiter Artland
Address:Bonnington House Steadings,
EH27 8BY
Opening Hours:Open 10 am to 4 pm daily
Admission Price:Adult £10
Child 4-16 £6
Concession £9
Students £6
Disabled £6
Family £28
Parking:Free parking on-site
Contact:01506 889900
Facilities:Shop, cafe, toilets
Photos:YouTube Video


Tucked away just outside the bustling city of Edinburgh lies a treasure trove of creativity that blurs the boundaries between nature and art. Welcome to Jupiter Artland, a place that isn’t your typical, walled-off art gallery; rather, it’s an outdoor wonder that invites you to explore, interact with, and even become part of the art itself.

Philanthropists Robert and Nicky Wilson founded the 100-acre Jupiter Artland in 2009, transforming the land into a public art park with a mission: to foster a deeper appreciation for contemporary art and its dialogue with the environment.

As you meander along the winding paths you’ll encounter the unexpected, whether it’s colossal, otherworldly sculptures or subtle installations that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. These are the creations of renowned artists who’ve been invited to Jupiter Artland to craft permanent, site-specific works. Names like Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker, and Antony Gormley grace the roster, ensuring that each step you take is alongside the giants of the contemporary art world.

But Jupiter Artland is more than just a place to view art. It’s a space that encourages interaction and personal interpretation. Climb on, walk through, or simply sit beside the artworks. Feel the textures, contemplate the forms, and think about the narratives they create.

While Jupiter Artland is rooted in the present, hosting dynamic temporary exhibitions and live performances, it also looks to the future with educational programmes that include workshops and artist talks designed to inspire young artists and seasoned art enthusiasts alike.

Open seasonally from May to September, Jupiter Artland’s landscape changes with the seasons, so it’s always worth making a repeat visit each year. And once you’re done exploring, you can unwind at the on-site café and bag a unique gift in the on-site shop.

Jupiter Artland

The Highlights

1: Jupiter Artland is set within a 100-acre estate, and the art installations are thoughtfully integrated into the landscape. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with large-scale sculptures and site-specific works that are designed to be interactive or provoke contemplation. The experience is immersive, as the artworks are encountered organically while exploring the woodlands, meadows, and gardens of the estate.

2: The park features works by a host of acclaimed international artists, including Antony Gormley and Charles Jencks, among others. The variety of art on display is vast, from landscaped earthworks and serene water features to bold, abstract structures. Each piece offers a different perspective on the relationship between art, nature, and the viewer.

3: Jupiter Artland is committed to education and offers a range of workshops, artist talks, and educational programs for all ages. These activities aim to inspire creativity and deepen the understanding of contemporary art. The park also hosts temporary exhibitions and live performances, ensuring that repeat visitors will always have something new to discover.

Visiting Tips

1: You’re not allowed to take picnics into the grounds, but the on-site café is excellent, though a wee bit expensive. I recommend the Livingston shopping centre (postcode EH54 6QX) for cheaper food. It’s around 4.5 miles between the two sites, which will take around 15 minutes to drive.

2: You can take the bus to get to the park (#27 from Edinburgh), but driving your own car is much faster. The address of Jupiter Artland is: The Steadings, Bonnington House, Wilkieston, Edinburgh, EH27 8BY. Driving from the city centre to Jupiter Artland takes around 35 minutes.

3: Note that dogs are allowed to accompany owners around the site but only through the dog membership scheme. Membership is around £25 per year which allows unlimited revisits during the open season (May to October).

Jupiter Artland

Tourist Information

For those without access to a vehicle, there’s a bus stop close to Jupiter Artland’s entrance. It takes around 45 minutes for buses to travel from Edinburgh’s city centre to the Coxydene stop on the B7015.

Once at the site you’ll find the house is off-limits to the public, but the surrounding grounds are open to explore at your leisure, with the first sculpture, ‘Love Bomb’, located just a few yards from the car park. This enormous 12-metre structure depicts the bizarre form of a mutated orchid and is a good taste of what you can expect from a visit to the attraction, just like the ‘Weeping Girls’ installation that you’ll find hiding in the woods near the mansion house.

These sculptures are of girls in nightgowns, faces covered in thick matted hair, and to my mind, they look like the girl in the movie ‘The Ring’. They’re genuinely creepy even in the middle of the day, and I can only imagine what it would be like to walk through the woods late at night and suddenly stumble into them.

Other highlights include the enormous Charles Jencks landforms which are the first thing you’ll see when you enter the park, as well as the ‘Rivers’ artwork, which is a boathouse used to store specimens of water from all over Britain, set beside a scenic pond.

There are exhibitions and special events held throughout the year at Jupiter Artland, so you’ll likely find something of interest whenever you decide to visit, but you might want to check the ‘What’s On‘ section of their website for times of up-and-coming talks, tours, and workshops before leaving home.

All in all, this attraction is a lovely diversion from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh, and it has to be one of the best places to see modern art in southern Scotland. While Edinburgh’s National Gallery of Modern Art is also worth a visit, it’s a wee bit stuffy in comparison and is nowhere near as nice to walk around when the sun’s shining.

Jupiter Artland

Things to Do

Explore the Sculpture Park: Jupiter Artland, set within the picturesque 100-acre woodland of Bonnington House, features more than 30 permanent sculptures from artists worldwide. Wandering the park, you’ll encounter everything from enormous earth installations to intricate, whimsical sculptures.

Participate in a Workshop: Jupiter Artland offers a variety of art workshops, adding a hands-on, educational element to your visit. Whether you’re interested in pottery or painting, there’s a workshop to suit your interests, most of which are led by professional artists.

Join a Festival: The annual Jupiter Rising is an artist-led festival that celebrates art and live music over 2 days. Camp on the grounds amongst the permanent collection, attend discussions, and enjoy the festival atmosphere. Note that tickets are limited to just 1,000 people for the event.

Attend an Event: Throughout the year, Jupiter Artland hosts live performances, dining experiences, arts and crafts workshops, and much more besides. These events are often site-specific and take advantage of Jupiter Artland’s unique landscapes and installations. Check the official website before your visit to see what’s coming up next.

Cafe: After exploring the art world, relax with some locally sourced food from the fantastical Café Party. If you’re looking for a more formal lunch choice during your time at Jupiter Artland, consider stopping at this veritable temple to fine cuisine and the visual arts.

Jupiter Artland

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Jupiter Artland ticket prices and what are the Jupiter Artland opening times?

See the Jupiter Artland website for the latest updates on ticket prices and opening times. It’s possible to become a friend of Jupiter Artland which allows visitors unlimited re-entry during the open season for a fixed price. See here for membership details.

Who lives at Jupiter Artland?

Robert and Nicky Wilson, who reside on the estate in the former hunting lodge, created Jupiter Artland.

How long does it take to do Jupiter Artland?

Jupiter Artland is located within a 100-acre estate, though only part of it is dedicated to the artworks. It takes most visitors around 2 hours to walk around the entire collection.

Are there toilets at Jupiter Artland?

Jupiter Artland has visitor toilets in the steadings area and the learning area.

When did Jupiter Artland open?

Jupiter Artland opened in 2009. Robert and Nicky Wilson, two philanthropists, developed it as a way to make art accessible to everyone.

Is Jupiter Artland free?

Jupiter Artland is not free. Tickets can be purchased from the Jupiter Artland website.

What is Jupiter Artland?

Jupiter Artland is a sculpture park situated in the Bonnington House estate near Edinburgh. It features a variety of contemporary art installations set within the grounds surrounding the house. The park is open to the public during the summer months and also hosts special events and workshops.

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