Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park in Stirlingshire is Scotland’s only safari park. This family-friendly attraction is home to over 350 animals, many of which are free to roam the 120-acre estate. Visitors can enjoy a drive through several enclosures before entering a large animal-themed adventure park that features a zoo, fun-fair rides, restaurants and cafes, and play parks.

Blair Drummond Safari Park
Opening Hours:Monday - Sunday 9.30 am to 5. 30 pm
Admission Price:Adults £18.50
Children (age 3-15 yrs) £14.00
Senior (age 60+ yrs) £14.00
Students £14.00
Infants Free
Parking:On-site car park
Contact:01786 841456
Facilities:Food court, coffee shack, picnic area, BBQ area, gift shop, toilets, accessible toilets, disabled parking, wheelchair access, dog kennels
Photos:Virtual Tour
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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park, located near Stirling, is the only safari park in Scotland, and it’s also one of the country’s busiest tourist attractions. Covering more than 120 acres, the park contains several enclosures that are home to a variety of animals, mainly from Africa and Asia, along with a few inhabitants from closer to home.

Visitors can drive through each reserve in their car and get some great close-up views of the free-roaming animals before heading into the adventure park on foot. Once inside the park, there are lots of attractions to keep visitors entertained such as Lemur Land, Chimp Island, the bird of prey habitat, and Pets Farm, to name a few.

Other attractions include fairground rides and amusements, a pirate ship and adventure fort, as well as a boat safari, pedal boats, dodgems, a rollercoaster, and a carousel. Meanwhile, food and drink are catered for with a restaurant and several snack outlets.

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park also has a more serious side as it’s involved with conservation initiatives like the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the AfriCat Foundation. In addition, the park’s education team regularly gives talks on the elephants, tigers, rhinos, and other animals they care for.

Blair Drummond Lemur

The Highlights

1: Drummond Safari Park provides a unique opportunity to see a wide range of animals in drive-through reserves and walk-around areas. Visitors can enjoy close-up views of exotic species like lions, rhinos, giraffes, and elephants, all from the safety and comfort of their own vehicles.

2: The park isn’t just about animal viewing; it also offers adventure and play areas designed for children. These include outdoor playgrounds, a giant astraglide slide, pedal boats, and a flying fox zip wire.

1: The park participates in breeding programmes for endangered species and works with various conservation projects. Visitors can learn about these efforts and gain insight into the importance of preserving our natural world through educational talks and interactive displays.

Visiting Tips

1: Since many activities are outdoors, the weather can impact your experience. Dress appropriately and consider taking waterproof clothing or sunscreen, depending on the conditions.

2: To avoid lines and potentially save money, purchase your tickets online before your visit. This can also help you take advantage of online discounts or special offers.

3: The park can get busy, especially on weekends and during school holidays. Arriving early not only helps you beat the crowds but also gives you a full day to explore without feeling rushed.

Blair Drummond Safari Park

Tourist Information

There are a huge number of activities for families to enjoy during their visit to Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park, although the highlight has to be driving through the reserves to get up close and personal with the animals on display. There are four main reserves to drive through, and each one showcases animals from various parts of the world in habitats that have been designed to be as close as possible to their own natural environments.

The African reserve features non-carnivorous native African species like zebras and white rhinoceros, while the lion reserve is home to a pride of African lions. The lion reserve, in particular, is a great enclosure as it features a raised walkway that can be accessed on foot from inside the park, so you can get a different perspective on the lions once you’ve finished the drive-through safari.

The other two reserves are the Monkey Jungle, which houses a troop of Barbary macaques, and the Asian Reserve, which contains herbivores native to Asia such as deer and camels. All the reserves are well-maintained, and the animals appear to be very happy in their habitats, which is great to see.

Blair Drummond Giraffe

Once you’ve finished the safari, it’s time to leave the car behind and set out on foot into the adventure park where you’ll discover various enclosures that are more like the ones you’d find in a zoo. In this area, visitors will see African elephants, rhinos, and giraffes alongside great apes on Chimp Island and ring-tailed lemurs in Lemur Land.

Next to Lemur Land is a lake that you can explore on a pedal boat, but if you prefer a more leisurely cruise you can take a ride on the boat safari which sails around Chimp Island. I highly recommend taking the boat trip as it’s a great way to see the park’s troop of chimpanzees foraging about in the undergrowth.

If you have children and they’re not too exhausted after seeing all the animals, you can take them to a couple of other areas to burn off their remaining energy. First is an enormous wooden fort that has a bird’s nest and slides, and second is a pirate ship that can be found inside a giant sandpit.

Both play parks have picnic benches and BBQ areas nearby, or you can use the on-site restaurant and cafe. There’s also an outside dining area that allows parents to keep watch while the kids are having fun.

Blair Drummond Boating

Things to Do

Safari Drive-Thru: Embark on an exciting self-drive safari to see zebras, ostriches, bison, and monkeys roam free in the park. Don’t forget to make sure all your windows are closed as you drive, and if you have a convertible, make sure the roof is up before you enter the lion enclosure!

Keeper Talks: The team at Blair Drummond Safari Park holds daily talks about the most popular animals, including what they like to eat, where they come from, and how they manage to survive in the challenging conditions of the modern world. Conservation is a key aspect of the talks, but they’re also fun and engaging for children.

Sea Lion Show: Enjoy the clever California sea lions’ daily live training demonstrations as they display their agility skills. The keepers also provide insightful commentary about the natural behaviours of these animals in a show that’s easily one of the most popular in the entire park.

Bird of Prey Centre: See an incredible collection of eagles, hawks, and owls at the Bird of Prey Centre. The daily flying demonstrations are a must-see, as you can watch these magnificent creatures soar through the sky and learn about their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Adventure Playground: The park’s adventure playground is a fun-filled area with a fortress, pirate ship, and giant slides. Kids can burn off energy while parents relax in a nearby seating area with a coffee in hand, knowing their children are in a safe and secure environment. The playground is designed to be inclusive, so children of all abilities can enjoy it.

Blair Drummond

Things to Do Nearby

Doune Castle. Castle Hill, Doune, FK16 6EA. 10-minute drive.
A mediaeval castle with one of the largest curtain walls in Scotland. Doune Castle is located near the River Teith in the historic village of Doune. It is famous for being the filming site for Monty Python, Outlander, and Game of Thrones.

Stirling Castle. Upper Castlehill, Stirling, FK8 1EN. 11-minute drive.
One of the largest castles in Scotland and second only to Edinburgh Castle in importance, this 12th-century fortification was the original seat of power for the nation’s royalty. Today, it offers tourists permanent exhibitions, renovated rooms complete with period furniture and paintings, a café, and a shop.

Deanston Distillery. Teith Rd., Deanston, Doune, FK16 6AG. 6-minute drive.
Located in a former cotton mill, this distillery on the banks of the River Teith offers guided whisky tours, tasting experiences, a shop, and a café.

Briarlands Farm. Blair Drummond, Stirling FK9 4UP. 2-minute drive.
A farm-themed zoo is situated behind the safari park. This family-friendly attraction features a petting zoo, go-karting, a field maze, berry picking, play parks, and tractor rides.

River Teith. 10-minute drive.
This picturesque river is the setting for lots of relaxing walks along its banks, which can be visited from almost any point along its length. The river is renowned both for its fishing and for the arched bridge that crosses it half a mile southwest of Doune village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go to Blair Drummond Safari Park without a car?

Blair Drummond Safari Park features a drive-through safari that makes it very convenient for visitors with cars. However, it’s not strictly necessary to have a car to visit, as a large part of it can be walked around.
The closest major town is Stirling, from which you can take a taxi or a local bus service.
Note that some attractions within the park, like the drive-through safari, are designed only for motor vehicles.

How long does Blair Drummond Safari Park take?

The drive through the safari park takes around 30 minutes. The theme park area can take an hour to an entire day, depending on how much time is spent at each attraction and animal enclosure.

Do you need a car for Blair Drummond Safari Park?

A car is required for the safari park drive. Public transportation is available for accessing the theme park area on foot (buses #59, 160, and S60, X10A stop at the entrance).

Is Blair Drummond open all year?

Blair Drummond Safari Park is a seasonal attraction and is open from spring to autumn only, from mid-March onwards.

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