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EICA, Clip ‘n Climb Visitor Guide

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for your next thrill in Edinburgh? Then look no further than Edinburgh Leisure’s Clip ‘n Climb. This exciting indoor climbing centre offers a unique experience for both adults and children. With a variety of challenging climbing walls and obstacles that come in a range of different shapes and sizes, you’re sure to have a memorable time at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena.

Edinburgh Clip 'n Climb
Isle of Tiree,
PA77 6UH
Opening Hours:Scarinish is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.
Admission Price:NA
Parking:Car parking spaces behind the Co-op. Parking is possible on roadside verges as long as the road is not obstructed.
Facilities:Covenience store, bank, pub/restaurant, cafe, public toilets.


Craig Neil at Clip n Climb EICA Edinburgh

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, located in Ratho near Edinburgh, is one of the largest indoor climbing centres globally. It features an array of climbing walls, bouldering areas, and a competition-standard speed climbing wall. The facility also offers an aerial adventure course, a gym, and a spa. It’s a premier destination for climbers of all levels and a hub for international climbing competitions.

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is Scotland’s foremost climbing centre and Europe’s largest indoor climbing arena, featuring one of the world’s tallest indoor climbing walls and excellent visitor facilities that include a gym, cafe, and a soft play area.

Anyone who loves climbing will have an absolute blast at the EICA as it offers courses that are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners on the lowest 6-metre walls to experienced climbers on the enormous 30-metre main wall.

As enjoyable as the climbing walls are, they’re geared towards serious climbers and are therefore somewhat unsuitable for children. So what should you do if you visit with kids in tow? The answer to that question is to take them to the Clip ‘n Climb area, where children (and adults) can zoom up a variety of climbing walls without having to don a tonne of safety gear or listen to a load of boring health and safety lessons.

Clip ‘n Climb is exactly as it sounds: you wear a harness, clip it to a safety tether, and climb away to your heart’s content. Instructors are on hand to assist with putting the harness on, but to be honest, it’s so simple that you should be able to work it out yourself without a problem.

The harnesses are made of flat fibre belts that wrap around your upper legs, bum and body, and once fitted securely they’re surprisingly comfy and never feel like they’re going to come loose during a climb.

Edinburgh Clip N Climb

The front of the harness has a tether clipped into an automatic belay which then feeds a safety rope, which in turn means you don’t need a climbing partner on hand and you don’t have to worry about excess ropes getting wrapped around your feet. Once you start climbing, the belay slowly winds itself in, and once at the top, you push back, and the belay slower lowers you down to the ground. Simple!

There are a variety of courses to choose from in the Clip ‘n Climb area, each with their own style and set of handholds at various angles.

As an example, there’s a blue wall that has handholds that look like electrical components, while other walls have themes of ice or random Tetris-like blocks, as well as a couple of very challenging free-standing obstacles in the form of twisting lego blocks and big plastic balls. Take a look at the photos on this page to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Up to 20 people are allowed in each session so you won’t feel too cramped, but be aware that only one person is allowed on a wall at any one time, so if you find yourself itching for another go on a particular wall you’ll have to wait in line till the climber in front has completed their go.

There isn’t too much else to say about Clip ‘n Climb at the Ratho climbing centre except to mention the vertical drop slide which is included in the price and seems to be just as popular as the climbing walls. The slide is 9 metres (30 feet) high and is almost, but not quite, completely vertical, so when you drop over the side, you hurtle down like a rocket. Great fun!

Edinburgh Clip N Climb

The Highlights

1: The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is a must-visit for anyone interested in climbing, from beginners hoping to make their first climb to advanced climbers wanting to hone their skills. In addition to having one of the world’s largest climbing walls, the EICA has a number of low walls starting at 6 metres (20 feet), which are ideal for first-timers.

2: Younger children wanting to climb will have a blast on the Clip ‘n Climb walls. Auto-belays ensure they can climb safely and the different walls are great fun with various levels of hand holds that range from easy to challenging, even for adults.

3: As well as the kid-friendly Clip ‘n Climb, the EICA runs coaching courses for older children and adults, features a soft play area for toddlers and juniors, and has a cafe to fill hungry bellies after burning off bucket-loads of energy.

Visiting Tips

1: If you’re looking for something to do for a children’s birthday party I highly recommend a day at the EICA. Climb ‘n Climb parties include climbing wall sessions followed by pizza and juice for a maximum of 15 children at around £100 all-inclusive. Considering it’s normally around £15 per child for a single climbing session, the parties are great value.

2: Note that an adult must be present when you take your kids to Clip ‘n Climb in order to sign a disclaimer. Adults can either join in or wait while the session is underway, but they cannot leave their children unattended.

3: When I visited I didn’t stretch properly, thinking if it’s easy enough for kids to do, adults will have no problems. Wrong! It’s an absolute killer on arm and shoulder muscles, so if you’re not a big climber, I highly recommend taking the time to warm up and down before and after your Clip ‘n Climb session.

Edinburgh Clip N Climb

Tourist Information

After all that climbing, the family will no doubt be gasping for a drink and a bite to eat which is where the on-site Cafe Refresh comes into its own. Food is the usual kid-friendly sandwiches, juice, pizzas, etc., but they also serve coffee and cakes, and if you visit at lunchtime, you can order from a deal menu for around five rupees per person.

As a top tip, you might find it cheaper to fill up at the Mcdonald’s in Newbridge Industrial Estate (postcode EH28 8LQ) which is only 2 miles to the north, or alternatively, for a restaurant-style meal I recommend The Bridge Inn on Baird Road in Ratho (postcode EH28 8RA).

As the Clip ‘n Climb has a policy of only accepting children aged 4 and above you might find yourself with toddlers feeling a little left out. Thankfully there’s a big soft play area at the EICA which has lots of tunnels and climbing frames where they can burn off energy to save your sanity on the drive back home.

Sessions at Scrambles Soft Play last between 60 to 90 minutes and cost from as little as a pound for babies to around a tenner for 3 to 10-year-olds depending on whether you visit midweek or at the weekend. For an update on the latest prices at the EICA Ratho, take a look at their website for Edinburgh International Climbing Arena prices, or call the EICA Ratho phone number: 0131 458 2100.

Children can be left alone at the soft play area which has windows where parents can watch from the cafe, but if you’d rather chill out somewhere quieter you’ll find big comfy seats near the reception desk along with a couple of vending machines.

Finally, regarding parking, the on-site car park is a good size and has space for 150+ cars and there’s currently no charge. Access from the car park to the reception is either via steps or a ramp, and all paths are wide and level so they’re suitable for wheelchairs.

Edinburgh Clip N Climb

Things to Do

Climbing: The EICA offers a range of climbing walls suited for all levels. You can challenge yourself on the 28-metre competition wall or try out the bouldering area. Lessons are available for beginners and equipment can be rented on-site, making this a perfect activity for adventurous families.

Clip ‘n Climb: This is an innovative climbing experience designed for all ages. With a variety of fun challenges, it’s a great way to enjoy climbing in a safe, colourful and engaging environment.

Fitness Classes: Besides climbing, the EICA also offers a variety of fitness classes, from yoga to high-intensity interval training. Professional trainers who are in charge of the classes make sure that the exercises are both safe and effective.

Soft Play Area: If you’re visiting with younger children, they’ll love the Scrambles soft play area. This is a multi-level playground with slides, tunnels, and climbing frames. It’s a fantastic way for kids to burn off some energy while adults can relax at the on-site café.

Real Rock Climbing: Thanks to the climbing centre’s location in an old quarry, it’s possible to get outdoors and climb real rock faces under the tutelage of professional rock climbing instructors.

Edinburgh Clip N Climb

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest climbing gym in Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is the largest indoor climbing centre in Europe. Its climbing wall has 15,000 bolt-on holds and 300 routes, making it by far the biggest climbing gym in Edinburgh.

How high is Edinburgh climbing centre?

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (formerly the Ratho Adventure Centre) was built inside a disused stone quarry. It offers a range of walls with heights ranging from 6 metres to 28 metres (19 feet to 92 feet).

Do I need to book to climb at Ratho?

If you want to pay as you go, you must register and pay at the front desk before your visit. If you are a climbing member at the EICA you can stop by whenever you want to climb without having to make an appointment beforehand.

Is there an age limit for climbing at the EICA?

There is a minimum age of 4 years for climbing at the EICA.

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